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Hot-sale Products

  Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. and Hainan Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were founded and operate under two sales modes, with good business reputation and corporate image.
  Two key product lines cover anti-infection medicine series and anti-viral medicine series. We will realize product differentiation, strategic market development, and combination of marketing strategies for cardiovascular medicine.
  Our company has set up 29 offices nationwide and boasts a professional agent sales team and a strong terminal brand team.
  Our company has built up product investment network and hospital after-sale service network of the products all over the country. With over 60 chain pharmacies of Jianfeng Pharmacy in Jinhua region, we have established a pharmaceutical logistics and distribution network that can cover Zhejiang, South Jiangsu, North Fujian, East Jiangxi, realizing regular communication with patients and doctors on medicine knowledge and pharmacology.
  Bulk pharmaceutical chemicals are export-oriented.
  With a three-dimensional marketing pattern formed with perfect rating agency network and hospital terminal promotion network across the country, with extensive use of new economic pattern and e-commerce platform, by improving channel of logistics and information, our company have launched our products into international market and developed a new way of earning foreign exchange through exports. Nowadays our products have been sold to Europe, America, South Asia, etc.
 The national investment promotion hotline:0579-82131986  13819987268  Manager wang

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